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I have to say that right off the bat - I literally felt her energy coming through my laptop screen. as soon as the zoom started I was hit with it. I know that this was no joke - Heaven-Lea is a true energy healer/worker. the week leading up to my session wither her was a tough one. I had been struggling to get grounded and I felt like I was drained and stuck.... I couldn't figure out why I was in so much pain. I had a feeling this was due to my high stress job....I desperately needed this session! She confirmed what I had always suspected - that I'm an empath. I guess I'm an empath that hasn't yet learned to release the energies I pick up every day. she also told me my feminine energy had been wounded from past trauma which I had not even mentioned to her, but she was able to pick up on. I could go on and on, but ill get to the amazing part! After my session was over, I felt grounded, anchored, and light! and best of all I was free of pain!!! the horrible hip pain I had experienced over the past two weeks was absolutely gone! I had been doing yoga for hip pain, but it just would not go away. I was amazed that the pain was gone so I told my husband all about it and he wants to book a session too! I absolutely 100% recommend her services, I had an amazing session! Thank you Heaven-Lea

Sarasota County, Fl 


I first heard of Heaven during a sound healing with Natasha.. I felt drawn to Heaven energetically. She has always gone above and beyond answering my questions with the heart of a mentor, but also a friend. Always supportive, nurturing,  with positive reinforcement and gentle guidance. Before the Mentorship I was either  wallowing in self doubt or completely disassociating. Not listening to my true inner self and being guided by previous programming. Still stuck in grief and all the emotions that came with my divorce of 3 years ago. It felt like  I was free falling, trying to find something to ground me. I was looking in all the ground places to find that grounding until my mentorship. The thing that stuck with me was definitely the positive reinforcement. The constant acknowledgement and empathy. Other than the emails, which we have talked about i cant think of anything Heaven would need to improve. The Mentorship was  better than any therapy session I’ve been to in the past 10 years. I’ve made more gains and strides in my time working with her than I ever had during the Time in therapy. Some specific wins i can name off the top of my head are…  we opened my gifts, I'm now in alignment with my life’s purpose, I have learned energetic boundaries and have learned to choose myself. During the Mentorship I took a leap of faith by trusting the universe and it has rewarded me wonderfully. My life is much busier with the changes I’ve made, but it is also very full and I am so proud of where I am now and so fulfilled. Going back to school for something I am interested in and turning it into a new career, starting my own business.  I was so surprised by my gifts! They continually grow and continue to surprise me. I will say if you are hesitant, DO IT!!!! My life has made a complete 180 in just the short few months of working with Heaven. She made the process feel seamless. I look back in awe of everything she has guided me through. You are a bright, endearing and wonderful soul and I am so happy to have worked with you and to have had you as my mentor. I know as you continue to do wonderful things, that pride will continue to soar. ​ Ashely is now learning acupuncture and TCM! Follow her on social media @ Ashley Holistic Healing on FB!

Sarasota County, FL


Heaven is an excellent teacher and trustworthy individual to deal with any/all issues you may have. Although her life experience may be shorter and different your background she is extremely capable of helping you deal with all emotions and traumas you have experienced. My biggest challenges were PTSD and physical pain, no longer wanting to be stuck on this planet. I was completely exhausted. Being prior military I do not trust easily and am able to fully and easily trust Heaven. She always takes whatever time is necessary to get you to where you need to be. I’m happy again, I feel much better, I no longer feel stuck. I’m truly experiencing life again rather than existing. I’ve learned a ton about myself and my experiences and can now start to help others due to them. I had many gifts I had never realized although I used them frequently throughout my lifetime. If you are on the fence about working with Heaven I suggest you Jump in. You will only grow/heal!

Sarasota County, FL


I want you to know i feel much more free since our session, It seems to have created a space for me to be less reactionary and more intentional. Thank you so much.  ​

South Africa

Hayleigh Paul 

Heaven-lea is just phenomenal. I've never met anyone like her. The highlight of my day is writing this testimonial because I get to talk about how much she has impacted me. That says all anyone hesitant needs to know about whether they should go or not. If anyone is afraid of judgement, or being misunderstood, or not getting the insight they need, there's no reason to be afraid. She always makes me feel safe and I leave with clarity, be it a topic with energy and psychic insights, my relationship with others or myself. I can trust her to have guidance for me that works. I never remain stuck in cycles and I'm always progressing. She answers with the heart of a teacher. Very nurturing and guiding. I feel like I can trust her because she sere me entirely without judgement. She's honest and direct and gently helps me understand things. There was never a time I left confused or felt misunderstood or beyond redemption for my past behaviours. I can always go to her in shambles and come out with a practical solution afterwards that boosts my quality of life and understanding of the world on every level. After leaving an abusive relationship, I felt confused and powerless, but Heaven-lea went the extra mile to ensure I'm okay. She gave me a detailed recovery plan after a half hour intuitive reading that has improved my wellbeing and sensitivity to my body to make me feel safer. I'm still recovering from that relationship, but I know everything will be okay and I'll overcome, no matter how intense the cycles of release gets and how hopeless and powerless I feel in those moments. I feel more in touch with my feelings and I understand why those things happened and what it was telling me about myself and what I needed to shift within myself. My entire life changed after a year of seeing her. Before, I felt hopeless about life and tended to give into toxic behaviours and self destructive habits. I never trusted my feelings and felt scared of people. But now, I feel like a different person that's more spiritually in tune and not afraid to accomplish what seems impossible. I feel safer to be my authentic self and I have more trust in the universe to direct me to where I need to be to heal. I have a higher sense of self esteem, feeling lighter, safer and protected and more in control of my life. More in touch with my psychic senses. I feel more aligned with my truest self while allowing the darker more hopeless parts of myself wanting to be seen and expressed have that space to do so with minimal self judgement. I'm more aware of my intrusive thoughts and my intuition. Even when I didn't know a thing about energy, the first time I met her, I could see things in my mind's eye and see sounds as if I was high. I could feel her presence operate as if she were a cashe cleaner, and I left the session realising I had 10 Gigs of mindspace I didn't know was there. All I have left to say is book that consultation. Your entire life will change for the better no matter how hopeless you feel your situation is or how deep your traumas are. She really is a gateway to heaven.

Sarasota County, Fl 


Heaven-Lea is an amazing practitioner whom i trust very much. When i started out i was scared, and angry and the overwhelming pain was getting to me and so i booked a session. During our session i was nervous and scared, i had no idea what to expect. She helped me become calm and relaxed by explaining exactly what she would do and how somethings might go. As she did this my entire body instantly trusted her and relaxed. I have ADHD tendencies so i was scared if I wasn’t paying attention fully 100% of the time then I wasn’t really doing it “correctly” when I voiced my concerns to her, she reassured me that was perfectly normal and even encouraged it. When my brain did wander, my body felt very relaxed and trusted that Heaven would do exactly what was needed. Now my body trusts her always. Afterwards we discuss the session, and I never felt that any of my questions or comments, or experience was “stupid“ or “wrong“. Even days or weeks later she would reach out and ask me how I’m feeling or how everything is going after our session and I really appreciated that. The entire session was an amazing experience, very intense, and overwhelming but in a positive way and very worth it. I would recommend anyone to go to Heaven-Lea for healing of any kind. You will not be disappointed.

Charlotte County, FL


My session with Heaven-Lea; I thought it was awesome! Through the card reading, we were able to touch on some issues I was dealing with. Then the energy session cleared so much emotional and unnecessary baggage I was carrying. I felt more alive and energized afterwards. And then the icing on the cake was when I did my meditation later that evening, it was profound. I was actually able to "feel" what I needed to feel to fulfil the intention. I am very grateful for Heaven-Lea and her healing energies. And I personally want to thank the very tall Oriental man/guide that showed up to help with my spiritual healing and progression.  ​


Savali (Love Lady)

she dived in to channeling my energies and told me about myself before pulling cards. Now if you want a really good quality psychic that touches over all your current personal matters, she is the one to go to...Guarantee you will be leaving her readings wanting to come back in the future for other readings..."

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