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Available Services

Tend to the void, Do not rush to fill the space. Marinate in the pause, The sacred pulse, The fertile eternal, Allow & create space. That is where magic lies.

First Time Client

All clients that are interested in getting a healing for the first time need a "First Time Client" Session. This includes Intake and a Mix and Match Session.

Personal Sound Bath

30/60min $66/$99

I use a combination of sound, energy and frequency to open and sustain space for deep emotional and spiritual healing....or just relaxation! lol

The different tools I may use are rattles, drums, crystal sound bowls, gong, and tuning forks.


Intuitive Readings

30/60min $44/$77

I use a combination of claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudiance, physchic and mediumship to communicate with your body and guidance team! Pick which decks resonate with you and let's start that conversation! Your guides adore you, can you feel it?

Energy Sessions

30/60min $66/$111

My energy work is a combination of my many modalities including but not limited to shamanic healing, reiki, quantum reiki, and timeline healing We often dive into the conscious, subconscious and unconscious bodies pulling out energetic blocks that may be causing mental, emotional or physical turmoil. 

Mix and Match

90min $155

This session is a combination of an intuitive reading and Energy Healing. We dig into the story, pinpoint the wound and go into a healing for said wound. A session for deep emotional and spiritual healing. 



In a Mentorship we learn how to pinpoint  wounds, dismantle and implement change into your life. We learn how to work with energy and your gifts. We start with a consultation to speak about your goals and if this mentorship is right for you.

The Fool - Uncertain Beauty

She hums a tune she used to know, and with bated wishes she leaps into an abyss of stars and possibility. Thoughts eager. Heart racing. Hopes high. A million bits of colored stardust rise up to meet her, and she greets myth and opportunity as she tumbles forward. She sees her future here, in this beautiful swirl of light and potential. What are you searching for? the muse asks "something brave" she whispers "something new." for the briefest of moments, she feels unprepared. Naïve. Unsure. Foolish. She asks herself "Are you ready for this? Can you take this journey?" And the muse wants her to remember that she is, she can. She wants her to believe in her magic. As she leaps she leans deeper into trust and begins to hum once more --- a song that sounds different this time around. Grander. Epic even. The notes vibrate the space around her, and her new path begins to unfold, leaving nothing to do but begin.

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