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Walking through the gateways of your spirit into self-discovery.  

About Me

Helllooo <3! I'm Heaven! Reiki Master, Quantum Energy Healer and Intuitive with Shamanic Lineage!  The spirit world has always been knocking on my door (hehe..get it...knocking on heaven's door!). For many years I was trying to understand my gifts and  how to "undo" my trauma.  It was only when I stopped seeing trauma as the enemy that I began to heal.  Through self-love, empowerment, and compassion I learned to heal myself and shed the programming keeping me from living a truly fulfilling and happy life. I walked through my gateways into self-discovery and now I'm here to guide you through yours.

 The Liminal Gateways are calling, do you hear them? 

Intuitive Readings

Feel like your guides have a message for you but not sure what it is? You and your team guide this session.

Gifted Child

Have a gifted child and are not quite sure how to help them understand their gifts?  

Energy Sessions

I am a Reiki Master, Quantum Reiki Healer, and versed in an assortment of other modalities including shamanic energy healing.


Mentorships for adolescents from


Mentorship for Adults 

18yrs +

Akashic Journeys

A session that includes energy work and a guided journey into your Akashic for timeline healing. (i.e. Past life regression and healing) Ancestral healing is also available

Zoom Sessions

I offer all of my sessions over Zoom!

House Clearings 

Does your house need to be cleared? I am your girl!


I have opened up my Feeling is Healing group session series!! sign up now!

Zoom Sessions

I offer all of my sessions over Zoom!

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A safe space for healing, knowledge and asking questions! And keep up with me!! 

What my clients are saying

"she dived in to channeling my energies and told me about myself before pulling cards. Now if you want a really good quality psychic that touches over all your current personal matters, she is the one to go to...Guarantee you will be leaving her readings wanting to come back in the future for other readings..."

-Savali (Love Lady)

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