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Heaven-Lea Cummings

im heaven 

The spirit world has always knocked on my door (hehe..get it...knocking on heaven's door!). For years I tried to understand my gifts and  how to "undo" my trauma. However, It was only when I stopped seeing trauma as the enemy that I began to heal.  Through self-love, empowerment, and compassion I learned to heal myself and shed the programming keeping me from living a truly fulfilling and happy life.

As Khahik Shaman,  Reiki Master, Quantum Healer, and Intuitive I am talented at guiding one into deeply discovering themselves. Through learning how to heal myself I have learned how to heal others.  I have become versed in many modalities and learn new skills directly from the spirit world. I work within the Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies to bring harmony and release. My goal is not to have you depend on me for your healing but to empower and teach you to heal yourself. 

I walked through the gateways into self-discovery and now I'm here to guide you through yours.


The Liminal Gateways are calling, do you hear them? 

My story

I'm Heaven-Lea! Khahik Shaman! 

My journey did not start out easy, growing up I both experienced and witnessed trauma in action and reaped the results of that trauma, both other's and my own. I learned to navigate generational trauma & addiction, mental/emotional and physical abuse/abandonment, parentification etc.. the list could go on.

I became the person that never wanted anyone to go through what i went through, i became the fixer, the rescuer, the pleaser. Emotionally intelligent, knowing how to fix everyone but myself. But that flame quickly burned out. 

This led to an uphill battle with depression, anxiety, CPTSD, burnout, and being basically non functioning within society and my personal life. No friends, no job, no family, no life. I had pushed everyone and everything away, I was aware of my issues but I didn't understand what to do with them, how to let go, how to open back up. I was broken, tired and alone. And I just wanted someone to save me.  

Before, if you had asked me who I was my answer would be my trauma story. I didn't know who I was outside of my trauma. I was the abuse, I was the addiction, I was the pain, I was the guilt, I was the defeat. I was the false strength.. 

I was the white knuckled resiliency. 

But we are not what happened to us and it does not make us strong. It makes us hurt, it makes us doubtful of ourselves, unable to love or be loved. It makes us believe we are forever broken.

What makes us strong, what makes us resilient … is our ability to witness the pain, to ask for help, to admit we are broken and afraid. Our strength is our ability to give ourselves a chance.

 2019 is when I began to understand this. It was either I heal or I continue suffering, and I was tired of suffering. I was tired of being alone and in pain. I was tired of my feelings lying to me, telling me I'm not worthy, that I'll never be okay, that it'll never be different. 

Then it happened I met a practitioner, and I felt that nudge and heard that whisper. Heart and mind racing, I booked that appointment. I didn't know what to expect, how to feel, or what to do. But I knew I needed it. 

The day came for my appointment. Sitting in the parking lot with my heart dropping out of my ass, I was more fearful and anxious than I had ever been. I didn't know it then but I knew things were about to change... That's what I was feeling, anticipation. 

My intention for the rest of that year was to give myself a chance and that’s exactly what I did. That session was the hardest thing I had ever done, laying on that bed feeling more vulnerable, more fearful, and more embarrassed than ever, but still set on trying. I cried. Allowing myself to do it scared, to have that safe witness, to have a chance at relief.

And that’s what I got.


I realized I hadn’t breathed properly in years, I forgot what feeling spacious was like, realized I had lost my creativity, and for the first time in a long time I felt... kind of okay. I didn't really know how to feel about all of this, but I knew I felt different and that’s all I needed. 

I witnessed my pain. Fully experiencing the depth and intensity, I learned that vulnerability was what made us brave, what allowed us to heal and move forward. But vulnerability is also the hardest thing to do with ourselves. My path started when I admitted to myself that I was tired of suffering and that I wanted something different.

Vulnerability makes us our own saviors.

From there I slowly learned how to become my own savior. Years of sitting with myself, learning how to be my own safe witness. Countless hours of  witnessing my emotions, my stories and traumas, and pain both mine and inherited. I Learned to become my own healer and I am here, now, to help you. You are your own healer, you are your safe witness, you are the love you need. But first we must choose to take that chance on ourselves.  

Are you ready for that chance? 

The Star - Optimistically collected

The Star Muse hears her name being called across the cosmos, and she rises to hear the beckoning optimism of those who allow her energy to settle into their hearts. One foot in the water and one on land she is able to draw on the power of the sea and the stars, and use them to nourish dreams. She feeds desires, deep self-discoveries, and bright wishes for a better future...and with light and clarity she offers you a powerful message of fulfilment -- and a joyous wink filled with the patience of hopeful expectations. Take a sip from her fountain of faith and believe in your incredible power to reach our goals. Open your heart to her starlight and sunshine...knowing that your magic is here for you today, and that it brings with it a promise of renewed hope and trust in your ability to shine.

What my clients are saying..

I have to say that right off the bat - I literally felt her energy coming through my laptop screen. as soon as the zoom started I was hit with it. I know that this was no joke - Heaven-Lea is a true energy healer/worker. the week leading up to my session wither her was a tough one. I had been struggling to get grounded and I felt like I was drained and stuck.... I couldn't figure out why I was in so much pain. I had a feeling this was due to my high stress job....I desperately needed this session! She confirmed what I had always suspected - that I'm an empath. I guess I'm an empath that hasn't yet learned to release the energies I pick up every day. she also told me my feminine energy had been wounded from past trauma which I had not even mentioned to her, but she was able to pick up on. I could go on and on, but ill get to the amazing part! After my session was over, I felt grounded, anchored, and light! and best of all I was free of pain!!! the horrible hip pain I had experienced over the past two weeks was absolutely gone! I had been doing yoga for hip pain, but it just would not go away. I was amazed that the pain was gone so I told my husband all about it and he wants to book a session too! I absolutely 100% recommend her services, I had an amazing session! Thank you Heaven-Lea <3


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